Example datasets accompanying Cooke and Terhune (2015) are available below. Please feel free to use these data to replicate the analyses presented in Cooke and Terhune (2015), or to run additional unique analyses. Information about these datasets can be found in the accompanying publication. If you choose to use these data, please cite the original publication (Cooke SB, Terhune C. 2015. Form, function, and geometric morphometrics. Anat Rec 298:5-28). Questions or comments can be addressed to Claire Terhune.

skull landmarks and wireframes2

Univariate dataset collected as part of Claire Terhune’s dissertation are also available for use below. If used in a presentation or publication, please cite the original dissertation (Terhune C. 2010. The Temporomandibular Joint in Anthropoid Primates: Functional, Allometric, and Phylogenetic Influences. PhD Dissertation, Arizona State University). If you have questions or find any errors in this dataset, please email Claire. All data were collected following the protocols listed in Terhune (2010).