Join the Lab

Motivated and curious researchers are always welcome in the lab, including undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral fellows. If you’re interested in working in the lab please see below for more specifics regarding lab positions, and contact Dr. Terhune to inquire about these opportunities.


Undergraduate Applicants

Undergraduate research in the lab is focused on training and mentoring students to conduct scientific research. Ideally, this work will be capable of being presented at regional, national, and international scientific conferences and published in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. This is a particularly valuable experience for undergraduates seeking to continue their educations in graduate and professional programs. Undergraduates interested in the lab’s research and wishing to gain research experience should be prepared to commit to at least one full year of work in the lab, and preferably should be willing to spend closer to two years. Freshmen and sophomores are especially encouraged to apply. Students interested in working in the lab should complete a Terhune Lab Volunteer Application.

Graduate Applicants

Graduate students working in the Terhune lab are expected to undertake original scientific research, and to present and publish their work in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. Interested graduates should be motivated, curious, and enthusiastic. Individuals interested in pursuing graduate research (MA or PhD level) with Dr. Terhune should contact her to discuss their research interests and find out if there are openings available. Applicants must apply to the Department of Anthropology and Graduate School; guidelines for applying can be found on the Department of Anthropology website. Exceptional students may be eligible for additional funding through the Graduate School or department that will supplement the graduate stipend. Additional information on these opportunities can be found on the Graduate School’s Funding page.

Postdoctoral Applicants

Postdoctoral positions in the Terhune lab are not typically available unless external funding is obtained. If you are interested in working with Dr. Terhune, please contact her to discuss your research interests and possible funding opportunities.